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Treating sleep issues

From healthy habits to

Dr speaks to a patient

Speak to your doctor

Make sure your
issues are

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Symptoms of
poor sleep

Your daily life
be seriously
sleep difficulties

If you have trouble sleeping, you
are not alone

According to The Public Health
Agency of
Canada, 1 out of 3
Canadian adults aged
35-64 don't get
enough sleep.*

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Current Sleep
Recommendations for
Canadians are:

age 18-64 couple

Ages 18-64

7-9 hours of sleep/night

over 65 couple

Ages 65+

7-8 hours of sleep/night

The Public Health Agency of Canada

You suffer from persistent sleeplessness if you can't fall asleep, stay asleep, or get
enough restful slumber. Over time, sleep troubles can lead to health problems like
diabetes, hypertension, and weight gain,

Many people dismiss sleep issues, thinking it isn't that serious. You don't need to
suffer from sleeplessness - the risks are real and help is available.

*Public Health Agency of Canada. Sleep Infographic.

Talk to your doctor
about trouble sleeping